Hackers stole over $4 billion in cryptocurrencies in 2021 !

Secure digital assets with more than 3 confirmations

Create a Team Wallet to send and receive cryptos using distributed permissioning

Add/Remove wallet permissions with strict on-chain transaction signing.

Recover assets sent to wrong network.

Initiate Proposal or Participate in decision making for any project with transaction signing.

Create Subscription Offers and share yield with subscribers.

Organizations are developing their own blockchains and applications to run on top of them. This defeats the purpose of distributed ledgers, fails to harness network effects and can be less efficient than current approaches.

  • Interoperable Blockchain Network
  • Asset Management Using 3rd Party wallets
  • Add/Remove Wallet Addresses
  • Built on Natively developed Protocols
  • No Contract Ownership To Deployers
  • Permission setting Through On-chain Voting

Key Features

Most interoperable Blockchain Network

EQ Network facilitates interaction with different blockchains without the need to keep the Network Identity in mind. It identifies the source network and fixes the validation further to transfer assets and deploy smart contracts to the right network using Network Fixers.

Distributed Transactional Permissioning

Equinox Protocol aggregates identity and permissions of all stakeholders across the team or organization through natively developed and open source smart contract protocol and automates and distributes transaction rights among permitted wallets. Also, it facilitates decentralization of decision making by distributing governance rights among participating wallets. The inclusion of wallet Identity for giving authority to access and interact with protocol is to ensure non-transferability and equality among participating users. The addition and removal of permitted wallets are also a function of on-chain decision voting by participants. 

Recoverable Assets

While sending data or assets EQ Network recognize the destined address and validate it to check if it's a correct string. The non delivery of assets to this incorrect wallet address can be recycled and the assets can be recovered over EQ Network.

Transactional Record keeping

The transaction tagging allows users to keep records of transactions into different sub heads and each transaction incorporates a unique string to segregate and download it over EQ Network.

World's first Project Subscription Ecosystem

The subscription protocol aims to subscribe to the projects deployed using Equinox Protocol. These projects can mint  their Tokens on any network and of any type and offer them to be bought by community/investors by creating Project Subscription Offer, the users in turn through a simple UI (Subscription Swap) can connect their browser wallets and buy these tokens at a price defined by the project team. These token buyers can stake these tokens on Yield Dispenser dApp which facilitates them to receive yields proportionately from the projects as and when the participating members in a project release it to the same. 

Dedicated DEX for Project Tokens

dApp on top of open source protocol to create fully locked Liquidity Pools for Project tokens using Decentralized deployment technology


Cross Chain Technology
  • Send/Receive assets to/from any network
  • Recover assets sent on wrong network or to deleted/inexistent wallets
  • Keep record of transactions wit unique string
  • Import EQ Network on any wallet and harness the goodness of interoperable EQ Network
Distributed Asset transfer permissioning
  • Add/remove members with voting
  • Do transactions with approval by all members
  • Acts as a Wallet for Token sale contributions
  • Liquidity to Project token for DEX listing upcoming
  • Share Dividend with community upcoming
Mint token & tokenize any project
  • KYCed deployer
  • One Project for each Treasury
  • One MultiSig wallet for each Project
  • All Project details in one place
  • Mint one token for each Project
  • Use token in your products
  • Acts as Crypto asset for fundraising & trade
Project Subscription Swap
  • Buy Project tokens with BNB
  • Buy directly from your Web3 Wallet
  • Doxxed Projects
  • KYCed Teams
  • Locks 100% of funds till ICO period
  • Releases 50% to MultiSig after Subscription period
  • Releases remaining after 3 months
  • Refunds to buyers if soft cap not reaches
Enterprise DEX for Project tokens
  • upcoming
  • Give Liquidity from Treasury
  • All Team members approves liquidity
  • See Price charts and Order books
  • Lock liquidity for any period
  • Fee sharing among Project token holders and Equinox's Native token Community
Well Structured Organization
Decentralized Autonomous Business Organizations
Get Business Ready

Teams can build trust among themselves, manage crypto treasury collectively, can raise capital in a completely decentralized way, make their token tradable on DEX, can govern Project with voting on crucial decisions and decentralize financial operations with DeFi suite.

Target Users
Who is it for ?

You can be a team with a good idea, an artist, an existing organization aspiring to create a global community, a not for profit entity and can even be a group of people for a noble cause.

Resolving pain points
Key Solutions
  • You need no coding knowledge to build a fully functional complex Cross Border Organization. 
  • You are getting a trustless and decentralized ecosystem to form a digital organization and can have members across the world.
  • Your crypto assets are manageable jointly by your team members. 
  • Having use of blockchain, smart contracts and cryptography gives a global character for your Team. 
  • You can create a cross border, global community by associating them through your Project token with your inspiring idea and can share economic gains also with integrated business dApps. 
  • It is now more than easier it ever been to interact with cross border parties for collaborations and contracts and exchange values with smart contract governed Contract manager dApp.
A Simple Use Case
For Everyone
A Group of Artists

Let's say you are a team of guitarists with a nice fan following.

What you can achieve

Your cross border team can manage treasury jointly, You may need funds for your music projects, may interact with global parties to collaborate without relying on simple assurances or may want to create a global and engaged community.

The ways and means
How the App going to help you
  • Build a Team: You can create a DAO in seconds and propose decisions to be taken and be voted upon by all members of DAO.
  • A Team Treasury: You can create a MultiSIg wallet for your cryptos which requires on-chain approval of all team members for each and every transaction. 
  • Project Subscription Swap: You can offer the crypto token you minted for your project to be bought by anyone and from anywhere all over the world. 
  • Yield Dispenser dApp: The contribution credits into your MultiSIg wallet from which you can declare Net profit for 30 days cycle, the Dividend dispenser dApp securely and automatically share the profit with your token holders in seconds !
Project Propulsion Cell
Dedicated Support

With dedicated support cell for DAOs to handhold them in each step, whether it about using the application, marketing, networking or anything which can help you to expand the scope of your DAO for real world application. Connect With the Cell on Telegram.